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Human beings: the ultimate resource

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Sometime late this year, Baby “Seven Billion” will be born. Whether this event is welcomed or dreaded depends on how we value human life and the human family.

Dr. John Willke, former president of National Right to Life, wrote the following where we see clearly the goodness of God and the inventiveness of men and women.

• “Overpopulation is increasingly being seen for what it is – a myth.”

• “Man is the greatest resource the world will ever know. Each and every human being possesses something no animal, vegetable or mineral possesses – the ability to think and reason.”

• “With the ability to reason, man looked into the ground one day and decided oil was a natural resource that he could use.”

• “With the ability to reason, man looked into sand – plentiful, “useless” sand – and saw the computer chip.”

• “With the ability to reason, man looked into his fields and saw new ways of growing crops that now feed the whole world.”

• “With the ability to reason, man invented ways to take the salt out of ocean water so that he could drink it himself and water his crops.”

• “With the ability to reason, man is learning how to grow food in the ocean, to harness the sun, to build in space.”

• “Only the ill-informed about human progress can stand by the unfounded theory that the fewer men and women who exist, the greater their well-being. Only ivory tower economists could create a dismal calculus in which the birth of a child reduces the per capita Gross National Product.”
• “Every farmer who ever lived knew that his wealth increased with the birth of a calf, a foal, a lamb. Children are not animals, so how much more is this true of man, in whose growing numbers are to be found the answers to our problems, economies of scale, expanding markets, and other benefits”.

• “History shows that when we act together, we can think and work ourselves out of multiple and seemingly intractable problems.”

Never before have we had such big houses and such small families to live in them. For years, Catholic pro-lifers have been warning that abortion, sterilization, and contraception cause the collapse of an individual’s morality and the destruction of families.

A few years ago, pro-life author Brian Clowes wrote about “Japan in the Death Spiral”:

“Demographers are indirectly telling us that these evils are destroying entire nations and continents. Unfortunately, governments do not even acknowledge the root cause of the problem of the ‘demographic death spiral’…

“In Japan, and in many other nations, women are simply not having enough children. For a nation to replace its population, each woman must have an average of 2.1 children per family. Japanese women average a disastrously low one child…

“More and more Japanese leaders are looking for the easy way out of the dilemma of ‘over-aging’. The Japanese Association of Acute Medicine has become the first organization to recommend euthanasia for the terminally ill…

“Melancholy signs of a declining population are everywhere in Japan. During Japan’s 2007 Children’s Day, the government soberly noted that the number of children in Japan has declined for the 26th consecutive year...

“Saddest of all is the sight of elderly Japanese women cuddling Takara-Tomy’s talking Yumel robotic dolls. These women buy these expensive dolls because they have no children or grandchildren to lavish their attentions on. The dolls, which are selling very well, tell their owner how much they love her and welcome her when she walks back into the room…

“If a government promotes ‘family planning’ for decades, if it drills into the people’s heads the idea that children are messy, noisy, expensive, and bad for the environment, once it has promoted and funded millions and millions of abortions, there is really no way back…

“The only solution to the plague of depopulation is to rekindle the love of God and His children in the hearts of people…”

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