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The Office of Worship and Spiritual Life serves parishes, institutions, and agencies across the Archdiocese in their efforts at enhancing the spiritual and liturgical life of the Christian faithful within the universal law of the Church and the particular needs of the local Church.

This Office provides information, consultation, evaluation, implementation and leadership to promote the understanding of liturgical celebration and spiritual life. It promotes and implements liturgical guidelines that serve the needs of parish liturgical life.

Further, it serves as a resource center to the Archdiocese and to parishes regarding particular liturgical questions pertaining to special circumstances and ceremonies.

The Office is served by an Advisory Committee - The Worship Commission - composed of clergy, Religious and laity competent in matters of sacred liturgy and spiritual life.

Training for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Office of Worship holds regular training sessions for those wishing to serve as extraordinary ministers of holy Communion in their parishes. Following are the basic requirements:

  • Candidates will register through their parishes and must be recommended to the Office of Worship in a letter signed by their Pastor.
  • To be Commissioned as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion a person must:
    • Be designated by their Pastor or School Principal/Chaplain.
    • Be a Catholic at least 18 year of age, who has been Confirmed and leads a life in harmony with the Faith and the Ministry to be undertaken.
Holy Days of Obligation and Principal Moveable Feasts

2022 / 2023

Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Holy Day obligation is suspended)
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 Ash Wednesday (not obligatory)
Monday, Aug. 15, 2022 Assumption* (Holy Day obligation is suspended)
Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022 All Saints Day
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022 Immaculate Conception
Sunday, Dec. 25, 2022 Christmas - Nativity of our Lord
Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023 Ash Wednesday (not obligatory)
Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023 Assumption
Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023 All Saints
Friday, Dec. 8, 2023 Immaculate Conception
Monday, Dec. 25, 2023 Christmas - Nativity of our Lord

Please schedule Vigil/Day Masses accordingly.

*With the exception of Christmas and the Immaculate Conception (national patroness), the holy day obligation is suspended in the USA when the solemnity falls on Saturday or Monday. When December 8 falls on a Sunday, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is transferred to Monday. While the day remains a solemnity, the faithful are not obligated to attend Mass.

**In the Province of Miami, (Arch/Dioceses in the State of Florida), the Ascension is celebrated in place of the 7th Sunday of Easter.