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Airports and seaports


Miami International Airport


c/o Blessed Trinity Parish


Sunday Mass Vigil:
7 p.m. Saturdays
Airport chapel,
Lower level Concourse D
next to International Arrivals Hall

Fort Lauderdale Airport


Deacon Chandy Luka



The Archdiocese of Miami provides a ministry to travelers and employees at both the Miami and Fort Lauderdale international airports. As of Aug. 18, 2012, a vigil Mass is celebrated every Saturday at 7 p.m. at Miami International Airport. The priests who celebrate this Mass also are available for confession.

The role of airport chaplains

"Dear friends, always be conscious that you are called to embody in the world's airports the Church's mission of bringing God to man and leading man to the encounter with God. Airports are places that increasingly reflect the globalized reality of our time. Here one finds people of a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, religions, social status and age. One also comes across all manner of difficult human situations that demand increasing attention� In airports, moreover, you have daily contact with a great many men and women who work in an environment marked by continuous mobility and constant technological development, both of which tend to obscure the centrality of the human person. Often more attention is paid to efficiency and productivity than to the love of neighbor and the solidarity that should always characterize human relations. Here too, your presence is of great value and importance: it is a living witness to a God who is close to human beings, and it serves as a reminder never to show indifference to those one meets, but to treat them generously and lovingly. I encourage you to be radiant signs of this charity of Christ which brings serenity and peace�"

Pope Benedict XVI, address to worldwide gathering of airport chaplains in Rome, June 11-14, 2012.


Port of Miami

Stella Maris Catholic Center

Seamen's Center
1172 Florida Way
Port of Miami, FL 33132


Open Mon-Sun, 9am - 3pm

Mass: Saturday, 12:30pm


Father Roberto Cid

Port Everglades

Seafarers' House
1850 Eller Drive - #500
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


Mass: Sat & Sun, 11am

(Except first Sunday of
the month)


Father Peter Lin


Deacon Mario Ganuza

Deacon Clyde McFarland

Deacon Scott Joiner

Apostleship of the Sea

The Apostleship of the Sea is a ministry to seafarers that offers hospitality and pastoral care to the People of the Sea.

For more information on this ministry, click here