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SEPI (Southeast Pastoral Institute)

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*Not administered by Archdiocese of Miami

The Southeast Regional Office for Hispanic Ministry

  • The Southeast Regional Office for Hispanic Ministry is the organization of the U.S. Catholic Bishops of USCCB regions V and XIV, with headquarters in the Archdiocese of Miami, that coordinates and assists Hispanic ministries in the 30 dioceses of the southeastern United States, collaborating in the Catholic Church's evangelization efforts of the growing Hispanic/Latino communities.

The Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI)

  • The Southeast Pastoral Institute is the educational branch of the Regional Office, established in 1979 as a recommendation of the II National Encuentro of Hispanic Ministry. SEPI provides theological, pastoral, and ministry formation services and programs, as well as leadership formation programs for Hispanic lay-ecclesial ministers, youth, and young adults.
  • Through its three pillars of Evangelization, Formation, and Communion, SEPI strives to facilitate the full participation of Hispanics/Latinos in the mission of the Church and society as authentic missionary disciples.

Our Mission

  • Provide evangelization services and programs to communities and dioceses.
  • Provide formation and leadership empowerment programs for Hispanic/Latino lay ministers and young adults.
  • Foster bridge-building efforts with multicultural and Hispanic Ministry offices and ministries in the Southeastern dioceses.

Why we do it

  • To transform the lives of Hispanics/Latinos in our Church and society.
  • To foster and create communion in Hispanic/Latino Ministry in the Southeastern dioceses, region, and wider Church in the United States.
  • To better serve the mission of the multicultural Church in the United States.
  • To train and empower a new generation of Hispanic/Latino leaders for the dioceses in Southeastern US.

How we do it

  • By providing and coordinating services, programs, and resources.
  • By strengthening ecclesial structures for Hispanic/Latino ministries.
  • By offering integral Pastoral Leadership and Pastoral Juvenil formation services and programs.