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The Communications Department of the Archdiocese of Miami handles media relations, public relations and community information. It oversees the archdiocese's radio and television programming and the archdiocesan newspapers.

Mission Statement

We are committed to using the mass media to communicate the word of God and the teachings of the church on social and moral issues to both the Catholic and non- Catholic communities. We strive to do so while developing unique story ideas, maintaining integrity and providing accurate and complete information in a timely manner. This is achieved through The Florida Catholic, La Voz Catolica, Television and Radio programming and the World Wide Web.

Media protocol in covering archdiocesan events

Reporters and photographers are welcome to cover celebrations of the Mass and archdiocesan events, but we ask to be notified in advance so that we may assist you and provide proper clearance from the pastor in charge. With proper clearance, photography and videography is permitted inside the church during Mass, but no flash or camera lights please. Photographers and videographers are asked to stay a respectable distance from the altar, and not stand in the space between the sanctuary and the congregation. Finally, we ask that you respect the privacy of individuals receiving Communion.

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