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As the feast day of my Sacred Heart approaches, can we have a heart-to-heart talk? I invite you to look deep within your own heart as I ask you several important questions for the sake of our relationship and for the sake of your soul.

During the months of quarantine, when many of my children attended Mass virtually, I reflected on how they would behave when the quarantine was lifted and they could participate in Mass, receiving my body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist, as I intended on that Holy Thursday long ago.

This is the reason we are having this heart-to-heart conversation. I hoped that the behavior of those returning to celebrate the Eucharist would indicate a greater appreciation and respect for their ability to worship the one true God, who loves them more than any person on earth.

Do you genuinely believe that my Real Presence is in the tabernacle? Do you genuinely believe that you are receiving my Real Presence when you receive Holy Communion in the form of the host? Please understand when I said, “This is my body” and “This is my blood,” I did not say this is a symbol of my body or blood.

Because you say you are my followers, I ask you to look within yourselves and ask if your actions and behavior indicate that you believe in the Real Presence.

Imagine you are invited to a celebratory dinner at the home of a friend. Knowing it is a special time for your host/hostess, do you arrive dressed in what you have worn all day at the beach/park or sporting event, or do you select something nice to wear?

When you arrive at the home of your host/hostess, do you greet them, or do you ignore them and walk inside their house making yourself at home?

The next time you arrive at my house I would be happy if you greeted me and spent time talking with me. This is my special time with you. You can talk to your friends before or after Mass. All week I wait in the tabernacle for you to visit with me and tell me about all the things that happened to you during the week. I want you to share all your worries and your concerns with me. In the Gospel of Matthew, 11:28, I tell you, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

When you spend quiet time with me in conversation or simply sitting in my Presence, you create a quiet, peaceful, and reverent environment for your brothers and sisters who come to me seeking refuge from the noisy and busy world.

When you are in church, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, you are on holy ground. Remember when Moses was approaching the burning bush to get a better look? God the Father called out to him and said, “Come no nearer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.” Moses was in the presence of God in the form of the burning bush. He was commanded to be reverent on holy ground as we are when in church.

When sitting at the table of your host/hostess as you are being served, do you take the time to prepare yourself? Do place your napkin on your lap, look at the various dishes, smell the delicious aroma, look at the lovely presentation and compliment the chef?

How do you prepare yourself before receiving the Real Presence, my body and blood? Do you examine your conscience to make sure you are in a state of grace with no mortal sins on your soul? Do you talk to me and tell me how much you look forward to having my Sacred Heart take up residence in your body? Do you tell me how much you love me and ask me to help transform you into the person you are created to become? This is how the world will change. I am the answer!

After you eat the delicious celebratory meal at the home of your friend, do you get up from the table and walk out, thinking about the next thing on your to-do list for the day?

When I come with my Sacred Heart to take up residence within you, I want you to spend time with me in conversation. I want you to feel how much I love you and I want your love for me to grow. I need for you to take time with me so I can transform you. This is how the Church, and our world, will be transformed. I am the answer. Whatever you are rushing to do, or wherever you are rushing to go to, it is not as important as our time together.

I ask you again. Do you genuinely believe my Real Presence resides in the tabernacles all over the world? Do you genuinely believe that you are receiving the Real Presence of your Lord as the host is placed on your tongue or in your hand?

Each week I have invited you to the most magnificent banquet and celebration, to receive my body, blood, soul, and divinity. This is the spiritual food I have given to nourish you, to help you stay close to me. It is just as important or more important than the food you eat for your physical well-being.

I am saddened that many do not know about this opportunity for grace and transformation. I am waiting for you! I am waiting to change your life, your family, your church, and your world. Please come to me. I will not disappoint you.

These days I have been hearing many of my children who are saddened and depressed due to the isolation and loneliness they are experiencing. I understand that all too well. In many tabernacles all over the world I experience the same feelings of isolation and loneliness. I yearn for you to keep me company and to let me be your best friend. No one will ever love you as much as I love you, and that love will never change.

During the month of June, the month when you honor my Sacred Heart, I invite you to have many other heart-to-heart talks with me; before Mass begins, before and after you receive me in the Eucharist, and when adoring my Eucharistic Face at adoration.

We can even have a heart-to-heart talk right now. I am here waiting for you. I have been waiting for you!

Comments from readers

Betsy - 06/08/2021 09:56 PM
That was both a simple and eqoquent explanation of the Real Presence of the Blessed Tabernacle and I thank you. Even after 78 years, it is a reminder of the gift we have been given and I am eternally grateful. I shall print it and keep it as a daily reminder of God’s gift to us.
Valli Leone - 06/07/2021 09:18 PM
Dolores, I so agree with you about entering, greeting and dwelling in the house of the Lord Jesus Christ. What an honor, a joy and a privilege it is to attend Mass and to gather together to worship the King of Kings. The sacred heart of Jesus calls us one and all to a deeper, closer, nearer friendship with Him. That personal one-on-one surely satisfies my soul and prepares my heart to be open for the reception of the Word and the Eucharist. In his presence is fullness of joy; but if we do not acknowledge his real presence, we might as well be at Publix, the movie theater, or the bank. Come, Holy Spirit; set our hearts on fire with love for you because of your great love for us! 🔆❤️🔆🔥🔆❤️🔆🔥🔆❤️🔆🔥🔆❤️
John Lorenzo - 06/07/2021 07:47 PM
How ironic to have someone blog the voice of our Lord who cured the blind. A lady. who ministers to people living with blindness and visual impairments. Many of God’s children are blind to the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Church. Catholic's main purpose is to gain eternal life in Heaven and God does not make it difficult. The Catholic path to Heaven and eternal life is attending Sunday Mass every week and receiving the Eucharist. Always being in the state of grace. When Jesus came into our world He said, “If you love me, obey my commandments and unless you eat my body and drink my blood, you have no life in you. Less than fifteen percent (15%) of registered parishioners attend Mass every Sunday. Because of the Pandemic, Sunday Mass attendance amounted to eight percent (8%). Since not attending Sunday Mass is a serious sin many souls could be lost because many believe it is not a serious sin and God’s mercy will save them. When it comes to who will be saved and who will not be saved, no one knows. Any assumption, by anyone, concerning who goes to Heaven or who goes to Hell is contrary to God’s strategy that this knowledge is not given to anyone. So, what does this tell us who were baptized Catholic? It tells us that any deviation from or self-interpretations from what we are taught by Jesus and His Church will jeopardize our chances of going to Heaven and gaining our inheritance of eternal life with our Creator. My dear brothers and sisters, be wise and be saved, put Jesus Christ into your life throughout your years in this life and follow His commandments. When committing mortal sins, go to your priest and ask for forgiveness. Never use your judgement to decide if a sin is mortal or venial. The priest is there to forgive all sins no matter how serious, or the number of times committed. He is there representing Jesus Christ to help and guide you. Do not risk losing your soul because you believe you are a good person or believe God will forgive you because He is merciful.
HECTOR GONZALEZ - 06/07/2021 02:48 PM
(1) La Fiesta del Corpus Christi, nos invita a analizar profundamente esta Tradicion Sagrada del Cristianismo: (2) Cada vez que comulgamos recibimos en nuestros corazones la Persona y la Vida de Jesus. (3) El Pan y el Vino de la Consagracion en la Misa hacen referencia a los Sacrificios que se ofrecian diariamente en el Templo de Jerusalem. (4) Eran parte de una Tradicion Sagrada, en la que tambien se ofrecian Corderos Pascuales a Dios. (5) Hacen referencia al Cordero Pascual que dio fuerza al Pueblo Judio para lanzarse al Exodo hacia Tierra Santa. (6) Que recibimos finalmente dentro de nosotros? (7) Pan y Vino consagrados, (8) Que nos alimentan, como lo hace o lo haria la Carne y la Sangre del Cordero Pascual, (9) Que logra llevar, a nuestros corazones, la Persona y la Vida de Jesus. (10) El Crucificado pero Siempre-Viviente, a quien seguimos.
Ela - 06/07/2021 11:15 AM
Beautiful. It reminds me of the 15 minutes with Vhrist in the Blessed Sacrament.

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