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Miscarriage Ministry - Prayers

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O my Jesus, My life has changed forever.
I'm separated in this world from my beloved baby [name].
I beg for Your Mercy for me, and for all who mourm.
I rely on Your promise that all who mourm will be comforted
(Mt 5:4).

Help me to persevere in faith, so that one day I may praise You in the company of My baby and all of the saints.
Please accept my suffering and unite it with Yours for the salvation of all souls, and fill my ernptiness with Your mercy that I may continue to love and serve others in my life.

I surrender to You all my needs, doubts, and anger.
You are the Source of my strength, hope, and consolation.
Even when I don't understand what is being asked of me, help me to live in imitation of You and Your Blessed Mother in acceptance of the Father's plan of loving kindness.

Lord, thank You for hearing rny prayer, even at times when the depth of my sorrow won't allow me to speak it aloud.
I entrust my baby to Your mercy, as l entrust my life to You.