In the beginning: The first Christian art

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In the beginning: The first Christian art

(A course in Christian art history)

Join us for our first Art History course in which we examine the earliest expression in art of the Christian faith during the Roman Empire. We will start with the paintings in the Roman catacombs showing Old & New Testament scenes, as well as images of prayer, miracles, salvation, resurrection, sacraments and the apostles. We will also examine the earliest depictions of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, Teacher and Emperor as well as that of the Virgin Mary.  Then we will examine the earliest Christian symbols, motifs and typology as found on funerary sculpture, liturgical vessels, mosaics and everyday objects. This is a slide lecture presentation.  The Thursday schedule is the following:

  • Feb. 22 —  Catacombs of Rome: Paintings, Inscriptions & Symbols.
  • Feb. 29 —  Christian Objects: Sculptures, Liturgical Vessels, Jewelry & More
  • March 7 — Beyond Rome: Dura Europos and the Mediterranean
  • March 21 —  Christ Triumphant: Mosaics and Panel Paintings

Registration & Materials: $20  (includes all 4 lectures.)


Good Shepherd Church
Conference Room #2
14187 SW 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33183 (Map)

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