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The Nun Run

Saturday, Feb 16, 2019 at 8:30 AM - English

Join Barry University for The Nun Run on Saturday, February 16 at 8:30 a.m.

All runners, walkers, and joggers are welcome! The Nun Run 5K and 8K is open to all age groups. Families are encouraged to participate. Nun Run participants will receive a complimentary T-shirt and can wind down at Barry University’s Bucky Fest, a free celebration with food and fun for the whole family.

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This race will be CERTIFIED. 

The Nun Run 8K is ideal for high school athletes who want to practice a collegiate length. Results and standings will be monitored with real-time chip tracking technology from Split Second Timing.

Course: The Nun Run will start at Barry University's main campus in Miami Shores, wind through the leafy streets of Miami Shores Village, and end back at Barry University.

Awards: Barry University President Sister Linda Bevilacqua will present awards to the top finishers in each age division.


Jan. 1-Feb. 15: $35

Race Day: $40 


Barry University
11300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161 (Map)

Contact Information

Matthew Blair