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Mother Mary and trust in God

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Although I am Roman Catholic by birth, I did not grow up in the Church. When I finally decided to search out my faith, I did so in many different churches before returning to the Catholic Church.

I was misinformed when it came to Mary, the Mother of God. It has been a long journey discovering one of the most beautiful gifts given to us by Our Lord in Our Blessed Mother. In recent years, she has been holding my broken heart in her loving hands and helping to heal it. She has also been guiding and teaching me the ways of God’s Kingdom.

Mother Mary has so much wisdom, gentleness, love, knowledge, and power. She is a most perfect model for us in the practice of putting ourtrust in God.

Think about it: An angel comes to Mary and tells her she will have a son by the Holy Spirit. This child will be God’s own son, and His name will be Jesus.

Mary says OK.

Wow! She doesn’t freak out about the fact that she is not yet married and could be put to death. Allher plans for her own life were changed in an instant. How many of us would accept a change in ourplans that readily?

I know, you think: But she saw an angel. And I say to you: Even when you hear God, do you listen?

I sure don’t. But I’m learning to.

It is that childlike trust that we must have if we are to walk the ways of God. Follow and trust in Him, and not ourselves.

Mary trusted God all the way to Bethlehem where she gave birth to the Savior of the world. I had a revelation about this holy of nights and realized that the wise men brought all those expensive gifts to Mary and Joseph before they knew they would be needing money to travel to Egypt.

Remember: In a dream, God told Joseph to run to Egypt with the baby so that Jesus’ life would be saved from the king who was killing all infants. God instructs his follower to do something, provides the way to do it and it is done. Joseph trusted and acted on it.

I can’t find a Scripture anywhere that says Mary fought any of the “happenings” in her life, even when she witnessed the brutal death of her son. Now that is childlike trust!

Think of a time when you were young and wanted to play with something dangerous. That pocket knife, maybe? Matches? Your parents said no, and you were so upset you felt like you couldn’t handle it, but your parents loved you so much they knew you were not ready to handle knives or matches. They wanted to keep you safe.

That is how our Father in heaven is with us. He knows what is dangerous. He knows what we need for our safety, for our growth. He only wants good for us. He loves us. He is trustworthy.

When we rebel against the “happenings” in our lives, whether large or small, we are rejecting the good that God has for us. Again, we are using our judgments, our imaginations, our wills, instead of trusting God.

Mary, Mother of God, teach us to have that childlike trust as you did!

This blog is taken from the author's book, “Strength for Your Journey.”

Comments from readers

Mchele - 06/12/2018 10:44 AM
Beautiful, Linda!
Victor Martell - 06/11/2018 05:26 PM
Wonderful article Que lindo hablas de mi mama. Dios te bendiga. Amen
James - 06/11/2018 05:05 PM
Dear Linda Rose Ingrisano: Thank you so much for this beautiful writing. I so appreciate Mother Mary as a true role model. Yes, let us place all of our faith in God and try to see the good in all. My Mother used to tell me when something happened to me (good or bad) that it "wasn't always about me". What a concept! Thank you Mother Mary (and my Mom). God bless you all, In Unity,

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