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St. Brendan School builds bridges

MIAMI | St. Brendan School knows how to build bridges, literally.

In early April, the entire school took on a Science-Technology-Religion-Engineering-Arts-Math (STREAM) Day Challenge, which had students team up to build different bridges out of different materials. Each class received a “STREAM Challenge” bag with their challenge and all the needed supplies, ranging from blueprints for the planning stages to Legos, blocks, yarn, clay, lots of tape, straws, Popsicle sticks, fishing line, toothpicks, gumdrops and more.

Some PreK 2 students even got into the spirit of construction and engineering with hard-hats and custom-made yellow paper hard-hats. Some students tested their bridges with biblical puppets.

The eighth graders took on the challenge of building a bridge out of Popsicle sticks and duct tape, using fishing line and a hook to support a pulley system that could get 50 pennies from one end of the bridge to the other. After several attempts and adjustments, the bridges were a success.

STREAM education involves problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more.

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