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Deciding on college, career? Ask God first

St. Brendan's principal gives advice to high school seniors

MIAMI | It's college application season for high school seniors, and St. Brendan High School Principal José Rodelgo-Bueno offered some advice in a video he taped for his students.

Among his tips: "Far more important than where to study is what to study. Why? Because you're going to be doing something for 50 years, and you better be doing something you like."

Most importantly, Rodelgo-Bueno said, seniors should "discern" not just choose.

"Ask God this question: How can I best serve you? You will glimpse an answer through the signs that God is showing you and through the signs of the times in which we live."

Rodelgo-Bueno also reminded students that "life is a vocation. God and the reality in which we live now are calling you."

Check out the whole video below.

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