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Traveling mercies

Skits teach St. Gregory students about following Jesus

PLANTATION | St. Gregory School began the academic year in "moving" style during its opening Mass.

Father Michael Davis, St. Gregory's pastor, gave a dialogue homily during the Sept. 6 Mass, which included travel-oriented skits. First, he entered the church with a rolling suitcase, explaining that when people travel, they always take items with them. He then recommended that students take Jesus on their journey through the school year.

He reinforced the lesson by inviting several fourth-grade students to the altar. After some coaching, a student stood on one side of the altar, while the others stood across from him. He then motioned for them to come to his side.

Father Davis explained that the skit represented Jesus inviting everyone to follow him on a journey. He also had the students act out the lesson that sometimes people follow Jesus willingly, and sometimes they have to be encouraged by others.

During the homily, Father Davis held a Q&A session to encourage student participation.

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