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I have added up my years, and realized I have fewer to look forward to than what I have already lived.

I feel like the young lady who won a box of chocolates: She ate the first ones with indifference; but when she realized that only a few were left, she started eating them slowly and with greater enjoyment.

I no longer have time to deal with mediocrity. I do not want to be in meetings with a parade of inflated egos. I despise persons who are opportunists and liars. I cannot tolerate jealous people who try to discredit those who are more capable in order to appropriate their positions, talents and accomplishments.

I no longer have time for megalomaniac projects. I will not participate in conferences that establish “tricky” rules to eradicate the misery in the world.

I do not want to be invited to events that pretend to achieve “the solution” to the problems of our time.

I do not have time to attend interminable meetings where only statutes, rules, procedures and politics are discussed; knowing full well nothing will be achieved.

I do not have time to suffer the foolishness of persons who, despite their advanced chronological age, are immature.

I do not want to watch the advancing hands of the clock in meetings to “make changes”, where only the issues of those in control are “brought to the table.”

I am bothered when I witness the actions generated by the struggle for the “majestic” position of “director.”

Since I do not have many chocolates left, I want to live with very human people… who know how to laugh at their own errors, who are not prideful of their successes, who do not consider themselves elected before the votes are actually counted, who do not run away from their responsibilities, who defend the dignity of the poor, who only desire to walk on the side of God.

Yes… I am in a hurry to live with the great intensity that only maturity can bring.

Thanks and forgive me.

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