Youth Ministry

The Archdiocese of Miami no longer has a central Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. All inquiries about youth ministry should be referred to local parishes or the ministries below.

Young Adult Councils (for those 18 and older) continue to operate.

Lay Movements for Youth

Amor en el Principio

Love at the beginning: this is a movement for youths. It is designed to help and guide teenagers in their friendships with teenagers of the opposite sex. They are taught to respect one another, to communicate in a respectful manner and to make them people of prayer. Its objective is to help teenagers to have God as the center of their relationships of friendship as well as develop knowledge and live by Catholic moral values.Click here for information:

Encuentros Juveniles

Youth Encounters. Its mission is to evangelize the youth through the "Youth Encounters" or retreats. They have weekly meetings and monthly evangelization campaigns.You can find us at:


Young Adult Council for Spanish speakers


Manuel Pelaez


Madonna Retreat House


Donaida Lashbrook

305-762-1101 (Dade)

954-525-5157 ext. 1101 (Broward)

3600 SW 32 Blvd
West Park, FL 33023

Miami Youth Center

Facilities Site Administrator

Maria Haugland

305-854-2334, ext. 114

3333 S Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

Catholic Scouting

Spiritual Director

Deacon Emilio Blanco


Contact for Scouts

A.J. Naranjo