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"For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven,
it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy."

- CCC, no 2558, citing St. Therese of Liseux,
Manuscrits Autobiographiques, C 25r

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Prayer requested

CHARLES - 7/29/2014 7:03 AM
Please pray for me and for my family that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on us, grant us His divine favours, protection, good healt
PAT H - 7/28/2014 2:55 PM
Please agree with me and pray that my employer will give me a raise and bonus, like they did other employees. I have been there 4 yrs and I literally
PAULINE - 7/28/2014 2:15 PM
that God will heal Ray of cancer and give peace to the family
BRENDA - 7/28/2014 12:33 PM
Please pray for E.H. and his family. May the Lord grant him Justice and Mercy.
LUZ - 7/27/2014 12:50 AM
User asked to keep request private.
MERCEDES - 7/26/2014 4:45 PM
User asked to keep request private.
MARY - 7/26/2014 4:22 PM
Please pray for God to comfort me and give me peace and contentment. pray that he will heal my relationship with my boyfriend. i am so hurt right now.
CHRIS - 7/26/2014 10:56 AM
User asked to keep request private.
JULIE - 7/25/2014 9:59 AM
User asked to keep request private.
JAMEL - 7/25/2014 12:05 AM
My name is Jamel. Please also pray for favor with this girl that I like named Ginny this week.
ESPERANZA - 7/24/2014 5:17 PM
User asked to keep request private.
JAN - 7/23/2014 10:40 PM
User asked to keep request private.
BETTY - 7/23/2014 12:09 PM
Please pray for Linda, Mother of 8, who has shingles a second time and is in severe pain.
JILL - 7/21/2014 9:54 AM
User asked to keep request private.
SUSAN - 7/21/2014 4:59 AM
Please pray for the soul of John B. and for his family.He will be greatly missed.
MARY - 7/20/2014 7:24 PM
User asked to keep request private.
LOURDES - 7/19/2014 1:29 PM
Breast cancer metastatic, father liver metastatic, mom dying end stage MS, son autistic, heal us only if god's will, heaven is the destination aleluia
VALERIE - 7/19/2014 10:06 AM
Help me find a better job with higher position.
V - 7/18/2014 7:05 PM
User asked to keep request private.
OWIFE - 7/18/2014 12:55 PM
Lord, please heal my marriage, Please be swift and true remove my husbands mistress from our lives. Lord make our path clear, shut the door forever.
CHUKWUEMEKA - 7/18/2014 11:33 AM
O LORD God, please give me The Power Of Speech and take away stammering and stuttering from me, and give me permanent financial breakthroughs
EMERY - 7/17/2014 9:30 PM
Lord God heal Judy of stage 4 Liver cancer. In Jesus name I pray.

Lord god heal Pauline of Cancer.In Jesus name I pray.
JOE - 7/16/2014 12:38 PM
Please pray for a young man who has lost his faith in God.
Thank you and God bless you.
SUSAN - 7/16/2014 8:32 AM
please pray for Bill his cancer has spread, we want to stop it. pray for the soul of Robert R. pray for my family.I would love my son back in my life
ANTONELLA - 7/16/2014 7:55 AM
User asked to keep request private.
CHRISTINE - 7/15/2014 7:24 PM
We need a miracle. My sweetheart has to be in court Friday and we don't have the money to get there. Please pray the judge dismisses the case.
ALICIA - 7/15/2014 6:40 PM
Please pray for my family. We are going through a very testing time. My husband has been unemployed with a few sporadic jobs in the past 4 years. I ma
MELISSA GAIL A - 7/15/2014 4:33 PM
Please pray that I get more new music students and church music work so I can provide the necessities for my son, that my son always lives in my home
MIC - 7/15/2014 1:28 PM
please pray that my granddaughter does much better in school. help her to return to the church and know what's important in her life.
User asked to keep request private.
MERCEDES - 7/14/2014 5:38 PM
User asked to keep request private.
RON - 7/14/2014 11:09 AM
User asked to keep request private.
MARIA ELENA - 7/14/2014 8:45 AM
User asked to keep request private.
PRATHEEP KUMAR - 7/14/2014 7:17 AM
Please pray for me to completely forget and forgive people who wronged me for money.Please Pray that I will get peace in every part of my life
ANTHONY - 7/13/2014 10:28 AM
for me I'm going thought real hard times in my life. I'm in my 50s I use a walker to get around I want to walk with out my walker so I can move on wit
KARA - 7/13/2014 10:23 AM
Please pray for my father, Ken, that God help heal his body, build his strength, and that he will not be in pain or have nausea.
JULIE - 7/13/2014 10:04 AM
Pray for healing for my mom's heart problem.Pray Dr. visit tomorrow brings good news and no open heart surgery. May the Lord bless you all!
DAVID - 7/13/2014 6:56 AM
Please pray for my daughter Victoria. She has scoliosis and it's getting worse. Pray this condition is healed and she is made whole in Jesus name.
SONYA - 7/12/2014 10:17 PM
User asked to keep request private.
VALERIE - 7/12/2014 7:54 PM
I am praying for a successful career in hospitality
MICHELLE - 7/12/2014 11:11 AM
god heals my hernia, and lump in my breast, and chronic stomach, digestive problems, restores health to the gi system in jesus name i ask.
RAFAEL - 7/12/2014 11:05 AM
Pido una oracion por la salud de Julio al cual hubo que amputarsele una pierna y su estado es delicado. Gracias.
DOROTHY - 7/11/2014 2:54 PM
User asked to keep request private.
IVY - 7/10/2014 10:23 PM
I would like to pray for my wonderful grandmother. May her health be restored and the antibiotics help her feel better.
AS - 7/10/2014 9:25 PM
Fwd: Please Do not break!
Just 27 words.

"God Our Father, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illness; and please watch over and
CORY - 7/10/2014 5:11 PM
User asked to keep request private.
NP - 7/10/2014 10:48 AM
User asked to keep request private.
SEGUNDO - 7/9/2014 5:24 PM
User asked to keep request private.
P - 7/9/2014 2:47 PM
User asked to keep request private.
RACHAEL - 7/9/2014 1:57 PM
I thought I was helping out a friend who said they would pay me back. They lied & took all my money. I am a young single mom.
REMEDIOS - 7/9/2014 5:40 AM
User asked to keep request private.
BETTE - 7/8/2014 5:47 PM
Please beg God to not let me have cancer in my mouth or jaw, now or ever. Pray I get a good report and a simple solution when I go to dentist.
IF - 7/8/2014 12:57 PM
User asked to keep request private.
EILEEN SMITH - 7/8/2014 11:02 AM
Healing for Blamerka and Leo.

A solution, strength, faith and hope for Carol and her husband on their situation.
V - 7/7/2014 4:42 PM
User asked to keep request private.
MARGARET - 7/7/2014 2:04 PM
Eternal Father, I beg Thee for a Divine Reversal in accordance with Your Will, not mine, of the marital strife mutually inflicted on our families.
MILAGROS - 7/7/2014 10:49 AM
User asked to keep request private.
ORESTES - 7/7/2014 9:17 AM
Please prayer that Orestes would be fine from accident yesterday.Sacred Heartof Jesus
LEEANN - 7/6/2014 7:14 PM
Please pray to our Lord jesus Christ to help my husband he as giving up on our marriage please god Change he's mind and he's heart GOD you said if you
DONNA - 7/6/2014 1:32 PM
Please pray that the Philippines, especially Metro Manila/Quezon City are spared from a major earthquake & other major disasters, natural and man-made
DAPHNE - 7/6/2014 2:53 AM
User asked to keep request private.
SONYA - 7/5/2014 8:58 PM
User asked to keep request private.
AMANDA - 7/5/2014 3:11 PM
I have to give this miraculous testimony, which is so unbelievable until now. I had a problem with my Ex husband 2years ago, which lead to our break u
MICHELLE BROWN - 7/4/2014 10:02 AM
Please pray for me. My childhood friend engaged me in sexual activities and now though God kept me on the straight and narrow for decades those who le
JULIE - 7/4/2014 9:59 AM
I am asking for prayers for my children and grand children especially my grand daughter Gevona who will be 11 years old tomorrow. Gods help for Gevona
MARGARET - 7/3/2014 4:23 PM
Please pray my son Miguel gets this job that he went on a interview today He ben out work for ayr if he doesn't get it he will loos faith in God
EMERY - 7/3/2014 12:55 PM
Lord God I pray that Michel and Andre will find employment in Jesus name.
DEE - 7/2/2014 11:22 PM
User asked to keep request private.
JEANETTE - 7/2/2014 10:25 AM
Prayer for daughter who is in hospital now due to high fever and high blood pressure. Currently on chemotherapy.
VALERIE ABAD - 7/2/2014 10:08 AM
I hope that the Job offer from the application that I am pending for a GM position will be finalize soon.
ROSA - 7/1/2014 11:45 PM
Por la sanaciĆ³n de la enfermedad en mis manos,que no sea necesaria la operaciĆ³n que no pierda la movilidad en ellas y no mas dolor quiero ser sanada.
BARBARA - 7/1/2014 10:23 PM
Safety for BJS driving 900 miles to NC to see daughters
RC & SS reconciling with family
TC & BB Marriage
Students & staff @ St. Mary Cathedral School
C - 7/1/2014 9:58 AM
Please help Jostin keep his job. This has been a very difficult time for our family. Please help us find peace and stability. Amen.
BRAD - 6/30/2014 3:37 PM
Asking for your prayers and blessings.

To sum it up, we are a family struggling and hanging on. We have jobs however after our bills are paid, we ba
P - 6/30/2014 2:54 PM
User asked to keep request private.
DILIP - 6/30/2014 5:14 AM
User asked to keep request private.