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Miami archbishop wagers Heat will win championship

Throws down ecclesiastical gauntlet to Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Communications Department - Archdiocese of Miami

Archbishop Thomas Wenski, betting Key lime pie, Fort Lauderdale sand and cigars, on the Miami Heat

Bishop Kevin Farrell, betting ribs and more on Dallas Mavericks
MIAMI - Miami Heat fan Archbishop Thomas Wenski has offered a friendly wager to Diocese of Dallas’ Bishop Kevin Farrell as the Heat and the Dallas Mavericks begin the NBA Championship series tonight.

Archbishop Wenski has thrown the ecclesiastical gauntlet by offering Key lime pies and stone crabs from Monroe County, a box of cigars handmade in Miami-Dade County, and a fish bowl containing Fort Lauderdale sand, water from the Atlantic Ocean, and shells from the beach; some ocean breezes and oranges will also be included if the Miami Heat lose.

Bishop Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas has accepted Archbishop Wenski’s challenge and is offering BBQ ribs, tortillas and salsa, deep dish pecan pies and a “Don’t Mess with Texas” cap if the Mavericks lose in this NBA final.

Archbishop Wenski is reportedly preparing for the BBQ ribs to arrive at his home in time for the archbishop’s July 4th weekend. If the Heat loses, Bishop Farrell said he would like to receive a picture of Archbishop Wenski wearing the "Don't Mess with Texas" cap - perhaps while sitting on his Harley.

Heat fan from the get-go: Archbishop Thomas Wenski is pictured here at a Jan. 18, 2011 home game against the Atlanta Hawks, during which Heat players wore special shooting shirts featuring a Save Haiti logo designed by South Florida artist Romero Britto. In addition, the Heat coaching staff and broadcasting team wore special Haiti awareness ribbons. The publicity helped raise $25,000 for Project Medishare, the non-profit organization founded by Dr. Barth Green and Dr. Arthur Fournier that continues to provide life-saving medical care and community services to the people of Haiti -- at no time more visibly than after the January 2010 earthquake.

This story has been updated since its original posting to reflect that stone crabs were also part of the wager.

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JEFF - 6/4/2011 9:45 PM
Now to keep this interesting I will be praying myself for a fair game and for the team that shows what team work is to win. Now I will be rooting for Dallas and I'll pray for the health of everyone staying injury free. Remember its not always the team with the best players but good players that make the best team.
SANDY ANN SANCHEZ - 6/2/2011 8:37 AM
Prepare yourself for the Feast of Feast...there is no way the Heat will lose this. Bishop Farrell you are going down. Gooooooooooo Heatttttttttttt. I have it from an excellent source that the entire group from Saint Rose of Lima and Saint John the Apostle Council of Catholic Women are praying and praying for the Heat to WIN....Soo enjoy the RIBS SIR.
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